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Dedicated servers

Do you want a dedicated server?

You have a variety of Single or Dual CPU configurations available

Dedicated Servers - Single or Dual CPU

  • CPU
  • RAM

For all servers with a monthly billing cycle, an installation fee of € 30 is charged.

Do you want the resources of a dedicated server in one hosting package?

Choose the VIP webhosting plan!

The performance and resources of a dedicated server, without the high costs and without the need for the technical knowledge required to manage a server.


At Chroot you are well connected!

Multiple internet connections as well as local eXchange nodes, RoNIX , InterLAN provides a short response time to your applications and sites. Even if access is made from mobile, from the European Union or even from outside the continent, the response time will be shorter due to the connections with the partners in the eXchange nodes.


Don't worry, your data is in a secure environment!

The data center is provided with controlled access media (access code, biometric access) and protected against fire by solutions that do not affect the equipment. The cooling system is N + 1 so there is redundancy even on the hottest summer days so your site is just as fast! The connections to the mains are redundant and protected by battery protection sources but also by a diesel generator that can provide the necessary electricity for many days without you feeling that there is a problem.


We are flexible!

If you need preferential settings, custom VLANs, firewalls or BGP sessions, we can help. You can even come up with your own IP addresses and we will route them to the Internet. Everything is simple, you can provide us with details about your requirements via a support ticket and we help you make the right choice!

Dedicated server benefits:

  •  Remote server administration
  •  You can reinstall the operating system at any time
  •  Server / service monitoring and SMS / email alerting
  •  Quick repair in case of failure

  •  100G Free Backup Space (on request)
  •  Possibility of hardware upgrade
  •  Additional IP addresses