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Our infrastructure

Calitatea unui serviciu de găzduire vine din infrastructura folosită

Ești curios ce infrastructură îți punem la dispoziție?

Despre infrastructura

What is the Chroot Network?

Chroot via AS56430 is interconnected through BGP with over 100 providers from Romania, Europe but also with providers that cross the borders of the continent. Chroot’s network infrastructure is redundant and scalable. We use top-notch equipment such as Extreme Networks CER 2000 to ensure that local and international traffic exchange is fast, redundant and scalable. Chroot exchanges direct traffic with over 40 IPv6 providers and has implemented early (adopter) IPv6 so that our entire infrastructure is IPv4 / IPv6 (dual-stack). Local redundancy (core network) is provided by stacked Ruckus Wireless ICX equipment.

Interconnection in eXchange nodes in Romania

We are active members of the Romanian National Association of Internet Providers (ANISP for short) , an active presence in the Romanian Network Internet Exchange node (RONIX for short) , as well as a presence in InterLAN , the largest Internet eXchange in Romania. For this reason we can offer you high access speeds to your site, both from within Romania, from Europe, and from visitors from other continents. In terms of the stability of Web Hosting accounts, we offer an uptime of over 99.9%, an uptime absolutely necessary for every business present in the online environment, regardless of the scope of activity (except those stipulated in the “Terms and Conditions”). We can be proud of the stability, speed and individual support provided to each customer, regardless of the number or size of their Web Hosting accounts.

What other equipment do we have?

Our infrastructure is composed of top equipment such as Lenovo HS23 BladeCenters , used in dynamic and scalable configurations at any time for customer needs, Intel servers , SuperMicro storage , network equipment Top Cisco -like model 4900M , 4948 , 4948e , models that allow a maximum performance of 320Gbps (Gigabits per second) and 250Mpps (packets per second). The equipment is stacked in state-of-the-art HP racks that offer its own Internet and power management system, which is why they come standard with not one but two backup lines. current. For interconnecting racks with Cisco 4900M equipment, rack-level S50 equipment from Dell Force10 is used, as well as Cisco 3560G / X equipment with at least two Gigabit Ethernet connections.

How do we manage to offer quality services at competitive prices?

Our customers know that hosting a website or Web Hosting must meet certain considerations, including:

  • server (s) must have an up-time of at least 99.9%
  • the company hosting the site must be serious
  • the response time to requests must be as short as possible
  • the facilities offered by the provider must be in line with the requirements and expectations of the customer

At the root _ Web hosting is a profession, not a hobby! Website hosting is our profession, our specialty. Although we have recently decided to make this vocation public, we have over 15 years of experience in hosting sites. Our entire team has advanced experience in servers, CPanel, MySQL, email hosting and obviously our entire experience is made available to you through our Web Hosting services. We at ch root _ can be proud of a different attitude. We want and succeed in being professional in what we do, active and always close to our clients. We offer both domain registration services and Web Hosting services in Romania and abroad , in a professional environment, optimized for performance. We have our own servers, secured and monitored 24/7 by our team. Servers benefit from high-speed Internet connections, and all Web Hosting accounts are monitored by modern software to prevent sites from malfunctioning. All our servers are located in Romania, in a modern Datacenter, with a professional and experienced staff.

Why should you, as a customer (current or potential), consider these considerations?

First of all, if a server crashes and your site is down for a short period of time, and then a search engine (usually Google) arrives on your site, At that point you will lose a lot of your promotional work. A lost visitor may return someday, but you can’t recover the hours worked to promote the site. In other words, it is good to know that search engines will penalize you quite severely if they are unable to access your site repeatedly.