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.Ro domains

Starting with March 1, 2018, the Administrator of .ro domains, RoTLD, changed the fees for the registration and maintenance system. In the following we present the rules according to which the registration and renewal of .ro domains works:

  • The registration of a domain can be done for a number of years from 1 to 10.
  • The owner of the domain will be the one you enter when ordering. Chroot will not be the owner of the domain purchased through us but only the registrar.
  • The data of the holder will be protected and will not be displayed publicly only if the owner is a natural person. If the owner of the .ro domain is an organization, its contact details will appear publicly in WHOIS.
  • The maintenance fee (or renewal) must be paid for absolutely all .ro domains. Payment can be made annually, or for several years, up to 10 years.
  • Suspension of domains occurs if the renewal (or maintenance) fee is not paid. These will be initially suspended (will have the status of Pending Delete ) and then, after a grace period of 90 days, deleted. The deleted domains will again be made available for registration by anyone, on a “first come, first served” basis.

.Eu domains

.Eu domains can only be registered by citizens of EU member states.

General rules

Customers have full rights to use the domains and can transfer the domains to another registrar at any time. According to ICANN rules, starting with 01.01.2014, the registration of domains for new customers requires a verification of the information. The verification is done following the link received in an e-mail message entitled “RAA Verification”. This rule also applies to customers who change their data. The domain will be suspended if you do not follow the link received by e-mail within 15 days.


Domain Transfer

What is an EPP code?

The EPP code (also known as the Authorization Code , Transfer Key , EPP Transfer Code , Domain Password ) is a secret code that a domain registrar generates if a domain is requested to be transferred to another registrar. It is sent to the owner’s email and has the role of preventing the theft of domains.

How do I get the EPP code for a generic domain (.com, .eu, .org, .net, etc.)?

To obtain the EPP code, you must log in to your client account from the current domain registrar, access the section dedicated to your domains and, at the domain you want to transfer, look for the order that generates your EPP code.

How do I get the transfer key for a .ro domain?

Do you want to transfer a .ro domain from one registrar to another? Click here to see the steps to follow.

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