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VIP web hosting

For websites that require increased resources

  •  Wordpress & WooCommerce
  •  Magento & PrestaShop
  •  Python or NodeJS applications
  •  Online Newspapers or Magazines


  • 180 GB SSD
  • LiteSpeed
  • 10 GB RAM
  • 4 CPU Core
  • Daily Backup & Snapshot


/ month
I want VIP!

* The reduced price applies for the first 6 months.

Ideal for complex sites

Dedicated server performance and resources at no cost and without the technical knowledge needed to manage a server

Daily Backup & Snapshot

We provide daily backup to keep your site data safe. The Snapshot feature lets you back up instantly, on demand, which you can restore with a single click - perfect for risky moments when updating your platform.


From now on, you'll find out why your site is "loading slowly" - you can identify with a few clicks which plugins, or which database queries make it difficult for you to load your site, directly from your account. cPanel .

LiteSpeed + LSCache = ❤️

The LiteSpeed web server gives you better load times and 100% compatibility with .htaccess rules. LSCache is a server-level caching solution that works with your application to deliver ultra-fast performance.

Ideal for online stores

When your store is slowly loading, potential shoppers will lose patience and go elsewhere. Whether you're running OpenCart, PrestaShop, WooCommerce or even Magento, we offer you enough resources to convert clicks into sales!

Fewer websites

Regular shared hosting servers can host hundreds of sites that share the same resources. The VIP Hosting package uses servers dedicated to a small number of sites for you to benefit from high performance.

Not just PHP

Website design techniques are becoming more and more diverse. In addition to PHP, you can host applications written in NodeJS , Python , or even Ruby .

AMD EPYC processors

We use servers with the fastest processors in the world: AMD EPYC , and with NetApp-based storage systems, your website will fly!


Is there free migration for my site?

If your site is hosted by a cPanel provider, the migration is free and fast.

For other hosting panels (or lack thereof), depending on the time required for such successful migration, this may be charged.

How many domains can I host?

To prevent abuse of resources, as well as to discourage the hosting of many websites, this package can only host one domain .

What versions of programming languages are supported?

  • PHP : from 4.4 → 8.1
  • Python : 2.7, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9
  • NodeJS : 12.x, 14.x
  • Ruby : 2.4, 2.5, 2.6

Other versions available on request.

Can Redis or Memcache be installed?

A Redis court can be provided upon request. Memcache is not supported.

What platforms is LSCache available for?

LSCache is available for WordPress , Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Drupal, XenForo, MediaWiki, Laravel , Shopware as well as CS.Cart.

For Magento , LSCache has a limit of 1500 objects.

What storage system are you using?

Storage is done strictly on Enterprise -type SSDs, shared via NetApp storage systems, connected via fiber optics.

What about email?

The VIP Hosting package is dedicated to running web applications (CMS).

Email is not a priority on these servers, so only minimal functionality is provided.

Is there a firewall and antivirus for my apps?

We use the Imunify360 security solution to protect your site from malicious people.

Imunify360 uses an early detection system for web attacks and blocks attackers before they reach your site.

What are the limitations of PHP?

Limitations as well as available PHP modules are user selectable in the control panel .

However, there are some limitations as wellmax_memory_limit = up to 1 GB.

Can ElasticSearch be installed?

ElasticSearch is only offered as a separate product (cluster access).

Unable to install ElasticSearch on web hosting servers.

Is LiteMage offered for Magento?

Although LiteMage is based on LSCache, it is a different licensed product and is not available for cPanel hosting packages.